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If you are facing an emergency after hours or on a weekend and think you cannot find a lawyer, think again. All too often, a legal crisis occurs after normal 9-5 business hours when most lawyers are hard to reach. David Dart understands the need for emergency 24/7/legal assistance, 365 days per year. David J. Dart P.C. is designed to handle your legal crisis whenever it occurs - day or night, weekday or weekend. Phones are forwarded twenty four hours per day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.
Routine matters can be addressed during business hours. However, if you face an emergency, if a loved one has been arrested or your children have not been returned to your care in violation of a court order, call David Dart - day or night, weekday or weekend

Prompt, Comprehensive, Personalized Service 24/7/365

David Dart has nearly 20 years of experience in courtrooms across Michigan. He understands what it takes to successfully address all kinds of legal issues including felony and misdemeanor criminal charges as well as divorce, custody and support disputes. From the First District Court of Monroe in Southern Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, David Dart has been there. If you need representation anywhere in Michigan, call now!

David Dart's Credentials

  • 1990 Michigan State University Bachelor of Arts Political Science-Prelaw
  • 1993 University of Detroit Mercy School of Law Juris Doctor
  • Member - American Bar Association, Michigan Bar Association
  • Admitted - United States District Court Eastern District

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