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Guardianship and Grandparent Visitation

6.jpgDid you know that grandparent’s rights are so limited that a guardianship plan is often the best way to protect the rights of custodial grandparents?
Earlier this decade, the Michigan Legislature enacted legislation that greatly expanded the rights of grandparents to have custody and parenting time. The United States Supreme Court ruled that this legislation was an unconstitutional infringement on the rights of parents to raise their children. Consequently, the new grand-parents visitation bill contains far less rights for grandparents. The law currently in effect primarily gives grandparents the right to petition for grand-parenting time when one parent is not able to exercise parenting time because they have deceased or are incarcerated. The law has strict and demanding evidentiary requirements for grandparents seeking court-ordered time with grandchildren. If your child is deceased or unavailable for parenting time and your established relationship with your grandchildren is being thwarted by the available parent, call David Dart to discuss the facts of your case. He may be able to help.
These developments are good news for responsible parents who deserve to raise children without government interference. However, this creates problems for many grand parents who are spending substantial time with grandchildren or even raising them on behalf of parents who allow them to live and attend school from the grandparents residence. A possible solution lies in guardianship proceedings, which allow relatives to petition the court for an order of guardianship when children have been left in their care by parent(s) for an extended period of time. If you have been raising your grandchildren and you want this relations ship protected by court order, call David Dart to discuss the facts of your case. He may be able to help.

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